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The Ability of Positive Thinking

I’m a firm believer in positive thinking brings a positive outcome. Now there are some things in life this isn’t going to work with, I have quickly learned getting pregnant is one of them. But overall if you keep a positive mindset positive things will happen.
One example of this is when I worked in the Diamond Mines, it was a fly-in-fly-out camp only and due to foggy weather, a plane had not landed in three days. I got off my shift and started signing “the fog’s rolling out and I’m going home tomorrow.” All the guys kept telling me, you’re not going home we’ve been stuck here for three days now, I told them positive thinking brings a positive outcome. Needless to say, the next day the plane did not land due to fog, but… I still got to go home. They sent two twin otters in and were able to send 24 people out of 160 home, they did it by random draw, I was the first name on the list for the second otter. I smiled at the negative nellies that told me I wouldn’t go home “see I told you positive thinking brings positive outcome.”
This is just one example of how positivity can make reality, my husband would say it’s just a coincidence, I believe positive thinking is a powerful mind tool and with it you can make things happen! So, what are you going to make happen today?