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My Cat is an Asshole part 2

Phantom aka new cat aka asshole has figured out how to open the cupboard in the bathroom. Not only did he figure out how to open the cupboard, he also figured out how to open the three tier plastic storage thingy (technical as per usual) I have on the shelf in the cupboard. Why does he open both of these you ask? Well one drawer in the storage thingy contains tampons…. 🙄

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A Dream

via Daily Prompt: Premonition

As I slumber my mind continues on
it replays the past, plans the future
some things are real, some things are not
and a select few are things to be
a premonition of sorts.

Premonition dreams are not common and not all dreams serve as premonitions. It is not know how premonition dreams happen, or if they happen at all. Although no one has been able to scientifically prove premonition dreams happen, they have not been able to scientifically prove that they don’t. I for one 100% believe these are possible.

There are so many stories about every day people having a dream and it becoming reality. We’ve all heard a story about someone waking up in the middle of the night with worry about a loved one than to find out that their loved one is in fact in trouble. I know, I felt like there have been times when I thought I dreamt a situation, almost a Deja vu of sorts, but am not positive which of the two it was. Was it just Deja vu or did I truly dream that would happen? According to a number of the dream analysis websites, there is truly no way to tell for sure unless you are writing down the details of the dream and when it happened and that if you are having premonition dreams, your dream will come true quickly.

Do you believe that some of your dreams could be premonitions?

Married Life

Date Night in a Small Town

It’s hard to have a nice date where we live. Our town only has about 300 people in it, most of them are over 40, we have a bar, post office, gas station and two marine Centers that’s it. A lot of times we will plan a date night, go to town (over an hour drive away), get a cheap hotel close to Downtown and have a fun night of dinner, drinks and live music. Obviously, we can’t afford that all the time so sometimes we do date night in our small town. The bar in our Community also has a restaurant and even though the food is good it’s essentially a snack bar, they serve things like fish n chips, wings n chips, burgers etc, all deep-fried. Once in a blue moon, we’ll go eat there but normally I just make us a nice dinner at home.

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Two Become One

“Come a little bit closer baby, get it on, get it on. ‘Cause tonight is the night when two become one”
And a couple dates later, a ring, a white dress and the words “I do” you now have joint income…..
When I got married there were so many changes all at once. The month before the wedding I gave up my two jobs, my friends, my apartment I still had separate from my fiancé’s house, and 90% of my belongings. Out of all those changes, one of the hardest things and that almost two years later I struggle with is financial independence and joint income.

Did you find this finical transition difficult for you?

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Working out is painful

It’s hard to get into a new workout routine regardless of your fitness level.

I play sports and walk on a regular basis overall I’m a pretty active person. I’m also a junk foodaholic, and trying not to gain weight from quitting smoking. So I started going to this fitness class and it was going really good, as the weeks progress it’s getting more challenging. I had class Monday evening, I woke up Tuesday and my thighs were extremely sore  but I really am trying to lose weight so I went to my friend’s house and we did one of the Jillian Michaels shred DVD’s. Oh, my goodness, I had to hold on to the counter to sit on the toilet all day yesterday and walking, in general, was a tad bit painful by heaven forbid I had to go down the stairs. I know the saying is no pain no gain, but it’s no wonder so many of us get easily discouraged from working out when things like this happen. The worst part is, if we aren’t working out hard enough it’s also discouraging because the results from doing mild works out take so much longer if at all to see progress. So you have two options: workout for no reason (sarcasm: any type of exercise is better than no exercise) or workout till you can’t move the next day then give your self a rest day and start again. Which one would you choose? Me if I was skinner neither but since I’m not…. may as well chose the no pain no gain motto! No rest for the wicked a new work out awaits me!






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The Rising Rate of Autisum

There are so many studies on Autism and numerous debates on why more and more people/children are being diagnosed with Autism. Is it vaccination-related, is its proximity to airports, genetics, birth defects etc? The answer is no one knows.

I work with children with Autism and have an older brother with Autism. About 6 years ago I was in California and I met a woman from Wyoming and she had a unique theory that “Autism is caused by evolving too quickly.” So I thought about it, totally plausible, I thought about it more, what would it mean to evolve too quickly? Possibly that Autism is caused by information overload?? Continue reading “The Rising Rate of Autisum”