I’m back-the rest of the pregnancy

I haven’t been on since the last day of school. You would think with one job coming to an end for a couple months I would of had more free time to write. But that just was not the case if anything I somehow got busier.

I was extremely tired in the second trimester I felt better most of the third then I did for the majority of the second trimester which is unusual. My Epicure direct sales business really picked up, again another oddity considering it was summer and people are typically too busy to host in house and online FB parties. With school being out I picked up some more shifts at the restaurant/lounge and in my spare time I got the nursery ready. So needless to say when I wasn’t busy, I was sleeping.

The rest of the pregnancy pretty much went like this with me picking up working in the school again in September.

In October a few things started to change in my pregnancy. Continue reading “I’m back-the rest of the pregnancy”