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🎵Burning Down the House…..or yard

More of what’s been going on in the last month……..#myhusbandisanidiot

On Monday it was beautiful outside! So as one does when adulting, we did a Spring clean up in the yard. My husband collected all the brush that was cut down before winter and burned it, and I picked up dog poop and garbage that blew in from those windy winter days.

I was extremely jealous as he was enjoying a few Budweiser’s while doing his job and being knocked up prohibits me from doing the same. There is something so satisfying about having a beer while doing yard work, water is not comparable! 🙄

Once I was done my job I asked my husband to work on the deck as the brush was pretty much all burnt and he was going around with a stick and a cloth light on fire trying to burn our grass. I asked him why he was doing this and he said “to make our grass greener, it’s called a control burn.” I told him it was probably not his best idea and that he should be doing something more productive. Needless to say he kept going. Continue reading “🎵Burning Down the House…..or yard”

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After almost two years of trying to conceive it finally happened.

I’ve used the app called Flo to track my cycles for about a year now, according to the app which is typically pretty accurate for my cycle, I was supposed to start my period on March 17th. I was dreading it for multiple reasons:

  1. No-one wants their period to come when trying to conceive, or really at any time.
  2. It’s St. Paddy’s Day!!!
  3. And the big one, I was Day Bartender on a Saturday St. Paddy’s, therefore the bar was going to be slammed, which I love because bring on the tips but to start my period during that time would be disastrous!

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Married Life

Date Night in a Small Town

It’s hard to have a nice date where we live. Our town only has about 300 people in it, most of them are over 40, we have a bar, post office, gas station and two marine Centers that’s it. A lot of times we will plan a date night, go to town (over an hour drive away), get a cheap hotel close to Downtown and have a fun night of dinner, drinks and live music. Obviously, we can’t afford that all the time so sometimes we do date night in our small town. The bar in our Community also has a restaurant and even though the food is good it’s essentially a snack bar, they serve things like fish n chips, wings n chips, burgers etc, all deep-fried. Once in a blue moon, we’ll go eat there but normally I just make us a nice dinner at home.

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Two Become One

“Come a little bit closer baby, get it on, get it on. ‘Cause tonight is the night when two become one”
And a couple dates later, a ring, a white dress and the words “I do” you now have joint income…..
When I got married there were so many changes all at once. The month before the wedding I gave up my two jobs, my friends, my apartment I still had separate from my fiancé’s house, and 90% of my belongings. Out of all those changes, one of the hardest things and that almost two years later I struggle with is financial independence and joint income.

Did you find this finical transition difficult for you?

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Man in a Lingeire Store

Yesterday my hubby and I went shopping. We had one last stop in the mall before it was time to leave… Victoria Secret. I wanted a new sports bra and out of everything that’s out there, fabletics, lulu lemon, under armour etc VS Sport is my favourite. As we are walking in right away my husband says “I should go to the Electronics Store” I tell him “it’s fine he’s not the first man in a Lingerie store.” So he stood there clearly uncomfortable while I looked through sports bras and new yoga pants, there was a deal to get both for $70 bucks when normally just the yoga pants are $75. He waited while I tried on 3 sports bras in the dressing room. Woman came and went while he stood there. Once I had finalized my sports bra I gave him a choice between black yoga pants or grey and black he told me “the grey and black are different”. Then went to the counter, he pulled out his credit card and paid for my new sports wear, he’s a sweetheart like that I know it’s “our” money but we don’t have joint bank accounts and this whole “our money is still a new idea for me. I was tinkering with my phone when she passed the pink bag which he took with a laugh. He was not a man walking out of a lingerie store holding a pink bag. 😉 On the way out he pointed at a pair of underwear “those are nice!” “They are 3 for $25 do you want me to pick some out?” I responded with a smile. He quickly said “no, I think we spent enough time in here today.” And we both chuckled as we exited the store.