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When you’re world comes crashing down it’s like you can’t even breathe

You try to get up again and again but your drowning in you’re tears

They won’t stop, until it’s a flood of cries and agony

Finally you can stand up again but at this point it feels cold

You only feel emotion when you let the waterfall cascade down

Now there is a choice that you have to make

A choice that can affect everything

Do you drown with the flood or do you embrace the cold?

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My Anxiety

Mental health is still such a faux pas in this day and age even though we talk about it all the time. Bell does their big mental health awareness to raise money, there are constant posts on Facebook with numbers for the helplines and people talking about their own struggles or at least sharing someone else’s. In most cases, it’s sharing someone else’s, because unfortunately even though a number of us struggle with mental health issues no one truly wants to admit it.
I’ve struggled with anxiety since 2006, sometimes it can be really bad but I know what my major triggers are and let the people around me know them as well.
Where it stems from:
In 2006 I was dating a fabulous guy. We both worked away on rotational jobs at different diamond mines but with the same rotation. So in other words, when he was home for 2 weeks so was I. We lived in the same apartment building and although we spent most of our time home together we did not live together. Every Monday night his guy friends had a poker night, so the second Monday we were home I told him to go. He said he didn’t want to, he wanted to veg out with me. I told him he needs his guy time too (back when I was a super chill girlfriend), I gave him the keys for my apartment and told him to come crawl in bed with me after. I woke up in the morning alone. I didn’t think much of it, he probably got drunk and slept over at one of the guys or just went to his own apartment. Continue reading “My Anxiety”