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Working out is painful

It’s hard to get into a new workout routine regardless of your fitness level.

I play sports and walk on a regular basis overall I’m a pretty active person. I’m also a junk foodaholic, and trying not to gain weight from quitting smoking. So I started going to this fitness class and it was going really good, as the weeks progress it’s getting more challenging. I had class Monday evening, I woke up Tuesday and my thighs were extremely sore  but I really am trying to lose weight so I went to my friend’s house and we did one of the Jillian Michaels shred DVD’s. Oh, my goodness, I had to hold on to the counter to sit on the toilet all day yesterday and walking, in general, was a tad bit painful by heaven forbid I had to go down the stairs. I know the saying is no pain no gain, but it’s no wonder so many of us get easily discouraged from working out when things like this happen. The worst part is, if we aren’t working out hard enough it’s also discouraging because the results from doing mild works out take so much longer if at all to see progress. So you have two options: workout for no reason (sarcasm: any type of exercise is better than no exercise) or workout till you can’t move the next day then give your self a rest day and start again. Which one would you choose? Me if I was skinner neither but since I’m not…. may as well chose the no pain no gain motto! No rest for the wicked a new work out awaits me!