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Toilet Training the Cats

I haven’t written in awhile as we’ve had a lot going on since I got home from my workcation in Yellowknife. One thing imparticular that I’ve been working on is toilet training the cats.
After finding out I was pregnant I discussed with my husband the trainers for toilet training your cat. I explained to him about how I’m technically not supposed to be dealing with the kitty litter due to the parasite in their poop and the risk it could cause to our growing fetus. We looked at a couple different ones and decided to go with the CitiKitty Toilet training kit.

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Dog on the Roam

Aella aka Lala (my golden retriever) loved when we moved to Newfoundland, we went from having 0.5 of an acre to 3 acres of property and at first, she barely left the yard. Over time though she started to visit the neighbors. She would do her rounds every day a couple times a day, she looked both ways before crossing the street, and everyone loved her visits. They loved her visits so much that all the neighbors started saving their scraps to give her as a treat. Within three months she had gained 1/3 of her body weight. She also developed a couple bad habits, like sitting on peoples step barking at their front door for treats…..not a huge deal but not very neighborly at 6 a.m. I told my husband we need to build a fence because I couldn’t have everyone feeding her (I did ask people not to feed her but some still did or they just throw their scraps out in the woods for the animals and she would find it), and we couldn’t have her barking at peoples houses at 6 a.m. He said no fence, and got a long rope and tied it to the step. This worked okay for a few months until we built our new deck. The new deck was a lot bigger and it’s high off the ground, therefore, it has a ton of supporting beams. Lala is really smart for some things, and not for others, getting stuck/tangled up is one of these others. Every time I’d let her out within a few minutes she would be barking and wrapped around the same post three times, or sometimes multiple posts at once, I’d untangle her and within 5 minutes she’d be stuck again. After a few weeks of this, I gave up. I started only letting her out when I’d be outside with her to make sure she didn’t leave the yard. Then the most embarrassing thing happened…….. Continue reading “Dog on the Roam”

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My Cat is an Asshole part 2

Phantom aka new cat aka asshole has figured out how to open the cupboard in the bathroom. Not only did he figure out how to open the cupboard, he also figured out how to open the three tier plastic storage thingy (technical as per usual) I have on the shelf in the cupboard. Why does he open both of these you ask? Well one drawer in the storage thingy contains tampons…. 🙄

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Man in a Lingeire Store

Yesterday my hubby and I went shopping. We had one last stop in the mall before it was time to leave… Victoria Secret. I wanted a new sports bra and out of everything that’s out there, fabletics, lulu lemon, under armour etc VS Sport is my favourite. As we are walking in right away my husband says “I should go to the Electronics Store” I tell him “it’s fine he’s not the first man in a Lingerie store.” So he stood there clearly uncomfortable while I looked through sports bras and new yoga pants, there was a deal to get both for $70 bucks when normally just the yoga pants are $75. He waited while I tried on 3 sports bras in the dressing room. Woman came and went while he stood there. Once I had finalized my sports bra I gave him a choice between black yoga pants or grey and black he told me “the grey and black are different”. Then went to the counter, he pulled out his credit card and paid for my new sports wear, he’s a sweetheart like that I know it’s “our” money but we don’t have joint bank accounts and this whole “our money is still a new idea for me. I was tinkering with my phone when she passed the pink bag which he took with a laugh. He was not a man walking out of a lingerie store holding a pink bag. 😉 On the way out he pointed at a pair of underwear “those are nice!” “They are 3 for $25 do you want me to pick some out?” I responded with a smile. He quickly said “no, I think we spent enough time in here today.” And we both chuckled as we exited the store.

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The Unlikely Pair

The saying when you have a spat or argument is ” fighting like cats and dogs”. It’s always an understanding that cats and dogs simply do not get along. I mean sure there is the odd exception to the rule but in most cases, if they live in the same house they just tolerate each other. That was the case for my cat and dog, until……

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