I’m back-the rest of the pregnancy

I haven’t been on since the last day of school. You would think with one job coming to an end for a couple months I would of had more free time to write. But that just was not the case if anything I somehow got busier.

I was extremely tired in the second trimester I felt better most of the third then I did for the majority of the second trimester which is unusual. My Epicure direct sales business really picked up, again another oddity considering it was summer and people are typically too busy to host in house and online FB parties. With school being out I picked up some more shifts at the restaurant/lounge and in my spare time I got the nursery ready. So needless to say when I wasn’t busy, I was sleeping.

The rest of the pregnancy pretty much went like this with me picking up working in the school again in September.

In October a few things started to change in my pregnancy. I requested to be prescribed on a PPI. Within a couple days of taking it I for the first time since week 13 did not have heart burn. I threw up the majority of my pregnancy due to acid reflux and finally I was able to sleep through the night without throwing up, I was able to eat food without throwing up, and I was able to enjoy eating again it was amazing! Because of the PPI I could stop taking the prescription Zantac and the dicltein.

Another change happened in October, Thanksgiving weekend, I went to bed with unbearable itchyness! I literally was clawing the hands and feet off myself, this continued for the whole weekend. It went off and on again into the next week. I brought it up to my OB and she decided to send me for blood work. My next appointment after she said the blood work wasn’t back yet, that apparently in Newfoundland they do not have the facilities to test for what I needed to be tested for and that it takes 2 weeks to a month to come back. She then explained what it was that she was having me tested for. It’s called Cholestasis of Pregnancy. Essentially you’re gall bladder and you’re liver stop communicating effectively and your bile acids get backed up and dissolve back into your blood stream. The biggest symptom for it is extreme itchy hands and feet. The worst thing about it is that it increased your risk of still birth after 38 weeks and at this point in the game I was already 36 weeks. She warned me that she would probably be inducing me before I hit the 38 week mark. Fuck was all I thought, my husband wasn’t supposed to be home till half way into the 38th week, he was going to have to change his flight and that was going to cost an arm and a leg. But I wanted him to be home for the birth of our first child and so did he, so we sucked it up and paid the airline change fee plus the difference in cost $576, airlines are such scam artists, anyways he would be home November 2nd. I was hoping we didn’t pay the change fee for no reason because if my blood work came back saying I didn’t have it before I got induced I would be waiting for the baby to come naturally, my due date being the 20th of November.

So another week passed, and another appointment, still no test result so she submitted the appointment I was to be induced Sunday November 4th at 2 pm. I was excited and nervous all at the same time. Some people said being induced was brutal and extremely painful. Some said it would take three or more days and then you might go through all that pain and end up being sectioned. There was the odd person who got induced and had a baby within three hours with minimal pain, I prayed I was like one of them.

The day came, I got to my appointment, and they explained the choices and what they recommended, so I did what they thought best and had the Cervidil. After it was inserted I had to stay for an hour to be monitored. When my hour was over I stood up and my leg was really sore but other then that I felt normal, so they sent me home and told me they’d see me in 24 hours. We stayed at my Mother-in-law’s in town so we’d be closer to the airport. The annoying part about that is they don’t have a backyard per say just a cement block and my golden won’t go to the bathroom so I had to take her for a walk. Normally this isn’t an issue but the pain in my leg was increasing all day and by 7pm I was almost in tears. My husband offered, but I said no that walking would help. It didn’t, I came back after a few minutes tears streaming down my face limping half keeled over. My uterus felt fine but the pain in my leg was unbearable. So I called the caseroom, they couldn’t say for sure over the phone but it sounded like the relaxant in the Cervidil game me a pinch sciatic nerve, it happens occasionally. I took a bath that didn’t help, I tried stretching on my ball that didn’t help, I tried forcing myself to sleep, finally it worked. I woke at four a.m my leg was still sore but I had a little bit of reprieve however I was super nauseous, throwing up and my uterus and back were cramping. I hung out on my exercise ball doing cat/cow, bouncing, rolling, pretty much whatever helped till 6 when I decided to have a hot shower as the cramps were picking up intensity. At 6:30 my water broke, I wasn’t positive if it was happening because there was no gush like you see in the movies and it does happen according to what I googled during that time but in my case it was a slow trickle. As I said I had been throwing up earlier on, and anyone who’s been pregnant before knows that means I was also slightly peeing myself while throwing up. So when this trickle started I didn’t know if it was my water or if now I had just completely lost control of my bladder. I made my husband grab me a fresh pair of underwear out of my hospital bag so I could check the signs COAT.

  1. Clear
  2. Odourless
  3. Amount
  4. Time

It seemed to be what it was so I called the caseroom and told them my water broke and they told me to come in right away. I didn’t realize how much pain I was in till I went to stand. Bouncing and rocking on the exercise ball really helped while I was doing it but now to walk felt like an impossible task. It took me over half an hour to make it to the Jeep. We were half an hour away from the hospital, I cursed and banged my fist on the middle console the whole drive.

8:00 am we arrived, Stephen dropped me at the front door while he went to park, I was supposed to get myself a wheel chair but I couldn’t make it past the first set of doors where a chair stood. Everyone was very concerned who passed me and I informed them I was fine my husband would be here in a minute and a few minutes later he was. When we got to the case room they checked me in and the nurse went to get the monitor. Another nurse came around the corner and told me it sounded like I was in active labour and helped me with my breathing which at this point I was almost hyperventilating with pain. When the other nurse came back with the monitor she told her “she didn’t think there was time for that, she should check me first.” Sure enough I was fully dilated. As they moved me to the birthing room I asked for drugs, there was no time they joked with my husband that he wanted to have the baby in the car. Once everything was ready and I was told I could push the pain went away. There was a bit of pain during what they call “the ring of fire” but other then that, I felt relief, it felt natural. 15 minutes late my handsome healthy baby boy was born, 6 lbs 7 oz. They put him on my chest and Stephen had tears running down his face, I smiled at him and said “okay we can have another.” 😉

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