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Boy or Girl Result

Ultrasounds are incredible, despite all the other stuff that goes on with pregnancy and how enjoyable or in my case unenjoyable it can be getting to see that baby inside your belly is amazing.

So I ended up driving to town Tuesday night and stayed at my aunts with my dog, as my jeep had a flat tire so I wanted to be close to the garage in the morning. I was wide awake at 5:00 am anxious for 9:30 to come. But since the clock was ticking slow Aella and I got up and went for a walk. We chatted with my aunt for a bit and that got ready. Aella was going to doggy day care for the morning and I had my appointment. Before dropping her off I went to McDonald’s and got a breakfast sandwich, hash brown and a small coffee. We don’t have fast food up where I live and I don’t really like it much anyways but Egg McMuffins are my favourite, the hash brown was for the dog. Once we got done in the drive through we continued on out the highway to Markwin Pet Resort it’s in Farm Country but only 10 minutes away from my Dodge Jeep dealership. I pulled out my breakfast sandwich broke off a piece of hash brown for the dog and started in on my breakfast. Two bites and the heart burn hit me instantly, it was bad too. To the point that I didn’t know if I was choking, needed to burp or needed to throw up. I dropped the Egg McMuffin back in the bag and proceed to watch for the next exit to pull off the highway at. No such luck there’s one every 5 seconds except for when you need one! I put on my hazards and slowed down. I couldn’t pull over as the shoulders were too narrow. About 10 seconds later I quickly grabbed the McDonalds bag and throw up all over my breakfast and Aella’s hash brown. I don’t know about her, but I was no longer hungry. New rule: no more eating while driving.

Anyways you don’t care about that part, I hear Scribbles & Tostitos saying to me right now…. get on with it. 😉 I have no idea what her voice sounds like as she is a fellow blogger and a talented one at that but I still hear it.

Dropped the dog off, dropped the Jeep off, got the shuttle to the Children’s Hospital. As I mentioned in my last article my husband is gone, and my mom lives in a different province so my Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law came with me.

The ultrasound tech started with its head. There’s so many measurements they do it’s crazy but it’s all important to make sure baby is healthy and happy. The baby was opening and closing it’s mouth steadily like it was talking or smiling, I talk a lot so probably trying to talk. By the time we got to baby’s legs it was kicking and squirming the weirdest thing was I could see it on the screen but I couldn’t really feel it. I was pretty sure I knew what the sex of the baby was at this point because I thought I might of saw. I’m still not positive though if I actually saw anything. When she was measuring the baby’s foot it put it right up to the ultrasound thing it was clear as day. I know for sure my baby has at least 5 toes. She went back to the organs and showed us the lungs, kidneys, and it’s little heart. You could see all four chambers and it was beating rapidly. My MIL was amazed by this and broke into tears. When the tech had shown us everything and got all her measurements she asked if we wanted to know and naturally as you all know already I did, so I said “yes”. It’s a boy! 💙 And I’m happy about it. The only disappointment that was felt was that I won’t be able to put a Tutu and a headband on the baby for maternity photos but I’m sure I’ll think of something just as cute. 😉

5 thoughts on “Boy or Girl Result”

  1. Congratulations! Boys are wonderful! Who knows? Maybe one day he’ll wear a tutu. My first is a boy and when his little sister was born (he was about 3) someone gave her a tutu that my son insisted on wearing. He loved it and spent a week demanding it.

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    1. Ha ha you never know I only put the part in there just to be funny because in the first part I said that I didn’t want to be disappointed but that I had no preference to my knowledge

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  2. Yeah!! A boy!!

    I read this post at work while I was making my way to a meeting (walking while reading your phone is not a good idea btw b/c of course I ran into something). I couldn’t bare the anticipation any longer. I let out a chuckle when I read it. (Appreciate the shout out lol cause that’s exactly what I was thinking hehe).

    Do you have any names you’re considering? You don’t have to mention what the name is; I just wonder if most parents already have a name selected before their child is born.



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