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17 weeks

Today I am 17 weeks. There’s so many times I’ve thought about coming on and posting nothing but a excerpt saying

” I peed myself today” or “I love it when the cat throws up and I throw up on top of it”

I’ll tell you the stories of both of those further on in this post so if you want a laugh at how much I love being pregnant πŸ™„ keep reading….

After the first trimester my nausea did not die right away, and even though I’m throwing up less it’s still there. But now to accompany it I also have heart burn and acid reflex! Both are so bad they make me throw up, so if it’s not from smell, it’s from the fact that everything I eat makes me feel like I’m choking, need to burp, have to throw up or all three at once.

The heart burn started around week 13. It wasn’t bad during the day but the second I went to bed it was atrocious. The first few nights it happened I had a sore throat. After 5 days with a sore throat I went to my doctor thinking maybe I was getting strap or something, just being cautious or a hypochondriac whichever way you want to look at it, and found out no I had really bad acid reflex and the acids from my stomach where sitting in my throat any making it sore. Apparently coffee, spicy food, citrus and eating late at night amplifies your acid reflex so I did what any normal person would do and only cut out eating late at night. My heart burn at this point was only happening at night anyways and I would throw up due to it every night as well. I hadn’t cut coffee out yet even though there are mixed reviews on caffeine so I wasn’t about to start now. Plus I needed that caffeine since I was up all night with heart burn! Moving on, the heart burn is still there and becoming more frequent. Side note: I’ve since cut down on spicy food and citrus.

Week 14 was much like week 13, still lots of heart burn keeping me up late, still sleeping after work, I wasn’t taking the diclectin anymore because my morning sickness had calmed down, most of my throwing up now was from heart burn some smells still made me gag but I wasn’t actually throwing up. I haven’t talked about the constipation yet but it was there most of my pregnancy so far, it wasn’t terrible just different as I’m normally right on schedule every morning but that changed when I quit smoking so who knows.

Week 15, this is the week my Facebook status was:

“Pregnancy so far is not my favourite thing in life. It makes some things a lot more challenging. Like when your cat throws up and you throw up trying to clean it up.”

I got lots of sympathy responses maybe it seemed like that’s what I was going for and than one of my friends said “Shannon I’m sorry to laugh at your expense but I read this and I fucking died laughing” I was like bingo that’s what I was going for! I wasn’t looking for sympathy I was looking for people to be like “Bahaha yah pregnancy can really be a bitch at times!” But all in all to have a laugh at my expense since it’s just part of life.

Week 15 bump photo

So the bump, this is something that drives me nuts, everyone commenting on how I’m not even showing yet or how tiny I am. I was in pretty good shape before pregnancy so to me my clothes don’t fit, and I had a flat stomach and now it’s not flat don’t tell me I’m not showing. I’m sure some people have the same opinion when people comment on “how big” they are too! Stop commenting on bodies! You can say it’s cute but don’t say the bump doesn’t exist, you’d never tell or your huge. All are not cool.

Week 16 was pretty much like week 14 and 15 except I threw up all over the floor in the laundry room trying to scoop the kitty litter with my big rubber gloves. I just scooped it the day before so it wasn’t that bad but I guess the smell and the big glass of milk I drank before doing it didn’t agree. The one big change this week was the heart burn wasn’t just during the night anymore. Now it’s every time I eat. A bit of food requires me to take a break and decide if I’m going to burp, swallow, or throw up. Once any one of these happen I can have a couple more bites and sometimes if I eat slow enough I might be able to make it through my meal without having to do one of those three again.

Yesterday I helped offload the crab boat. I ran the hauler for 5 hours, after we had jiggs dinner. I had a bite of carrot and had to go on deck and get sick because it stays in my throat due to the acid reflex. I came back ate the rest of my plate after a few minutes and when I got home 20 mins later my throat was on fire. I tried to lay down, and no such luck had to get sick again. This time I vomited so hard from the acid reflex I peed myself a little. 😟 oh my god. I group messaged my girl friends saying “loving pregnancy, the best thing in the world when you throw up due to heart burn and pee your pants at the same time” they laughed as I would of too if I wasn’t so mortified, but trying to make light of every situation is how I deal hence the group message. Today I can laugh about it! But I still think WTF I’m only at 17 weeks I thought this whole in-contingency thing wasn’t till the third trimester will I have to carry extra undies with me everywhere? I only use a little purse, and what if it happens more then once. FML only time will tell I guess……

Today I have my monthly doctors appointment. I need a prescription for something, acid reflex, heartburn, swallowing, I just don’t know what. The good news, I’m 17 weeks and I’ve finally changed the scale in the other direction. For the first 15-16 weeks of my pregnancy I have been losing weight today is the first day I’ve gone up.

So far let’s just say pregnancy is not my favourite thing, but in the long run it will be worth it.

I wonder what will happen next…. stay tuned!

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  1. Haha, reading this makes me so glad I’m done having kids! It’s like being on a never-ending roller coaster. Good luck! Hope it gets better some time during the next 20+ weeks!

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