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Toilet Training the Cats

I haven’t written in awhile as we’ve had a lot going on since I got home from my workcation in Yellowknife. One thing imparticular that I’ve been working on is toilet training the cats.
After finding out I was pregnant I discussed with my husband the trainers for toilet training your cat. I explained to him about how I’m technically not supposed to be dealing with the kitty litter due to the parasite in their poop and the risk it could cause to our growing fetus. We looked at a couple different ones and decided to go with the CitiKitty Toilet training kit.

We ordered it on March 24th hoping it would be waiting at the post office for us when I got home on April 10 and it was. I wish I could say that when I got home I was able to set it right up but unfortunately due to the incompetence of my house sitter I was not. I came home to a disaster awaiting me in the laundry room (where the two kitty litter boxes were) All the scooped/changed litter from the month was sitting in the corner of the room in plastic grocery bags, both litter boxes were chalked full, and there was kitty litter and cat pee all over the floor. I couldn’t even stay in the room without throwing up, I have morning sickness from being pregnant so I don’t know if it was that or just the sheer smell of a months worth of urine and shit. Needless to say, I was fucking cracked. I went to the store got a mask, rubber gloves and a new bottle of bleach and got to work. I washed the litter boxes, got all the litter, piss everything else cleaned up and washed the floors three times with bleach and Mr. Clean, it took me two hours. I want to be clear, my cats are not dirty this has never happened before, their litter is always scooped everyday to every second day. However this experience increased my want of having them toilet trained.
Now back on track. The first week you’re supposed to move your litter box to the bathroom, our laundry room has a bathroom and the litter boxes were right beside the toilet already, so after that step you’re supposed to get rid of the litter box in general. I set up the Citikitty litter training kit, which is two pieces of plastic with perforated circles to cut away at each step. One tray sits inside the other, I assume for easier clean up. The goal is to fill it with litter and slowly cut away each hole until they are ready to go without. For two cats, who shit and piss a lot, it’s a little small so at this point, I decided to just get rid of one litter box. I put a little bit of the included cat nip in the litter and picked Phantom up and sat him on the toilet (both cats were in the room wondering what I was doing the whole time), he peed right away!!! I was super excited I gave him a treat and texted my husband. I then picked up Jade and put her on, she was less than impressed with this idea and got off right away I still gave her a treat. I picked both of them up a couple times a day every day and put them on the toilet and gave them treats. Phantom was using it on a regular basis but still nothing from jade.
After a week you’re supposed to cut your first whole but instead, I got rid of the last litter box. I put both cats on the toilet again and gave them each treats even though neither of them did anything. From what I could tell Phantom was still using the toilet and Jade had not, the next day…….. I picked her up and put her on like I do every morning since starting our training, her feet hit the litter and she instantly peed and peed I’d say she was holding for a while the poor girl, it was a big one. Most days when I came down this week I had to clean the floor around the toilet one of them (assuming Jade) kept missing and was getting it all over the toilet seat and floor.
Week 3 I cut my first hole, it seemed like a good time to do it as they were both consistently using the toilet litter. Step 1 (the holes are labeled) was probably about 2 inches long by maybe 1 inch wide at the largest point, it’s oval shaped. This didn’t detour them at all, and Jade was getting better at keeping her pee in the litter. There were a lot of nice days so the cats were also outside a lot. I would say by the amount of scooping I had to do that some of their business was happening outside.
Now this week, week 4: Friday I cut step 2, This hole is a lot bigger. Neither cat was impressed, when I sat them on the litter training the first thing they both did was stick their head down the hole…..then they looked at me, and jumped down. I still gave them their treat and put them on again, this time they just got right down without checking out the new hole, no treat. Jade started crying to me, so I followed her to see what she wanted and she went to the door. I opened it, she went out but it was down pouring so she came right back in, then cried at me some more this time I followed her downstairs she just paced around the laundry room meowing. I put her on the toilet set and she stuck her head through the whole again and got right down. By the afternoon it had turned nice and the cats got to go out. Neither of them used the litter all day. Stephen and I were busy all day Saturday doing errands, we live in the country so we left the patio door open so that animals could come and go as they please since it was another beautiful day.
The first thing I checked once back home was the litter, still nothing. That night Phantom cried at me to go out but I won’t let the cats out after super due to coyotes so I took him downstairs and put him on the toilet, still nothing. Around 9;30 I went to get ready for bed and the bedroom smelled awful, oh-oh. I sniffed around trying to find where the smell was coming from and bingo found it. The Laundry basket. There was a big steamy pile of shit on top of my dirty clothes…. it was Phantoms (I, unfortunately, know the difference between the two cats poop) I went and got my gloves and cleaned it up. I rinsed all the clothes that had poop on them in the bathtub and then threw them in the wash.
It’s almost lunchtime now, and still nothing in the toilet litter. At this point, I don’t know if it’s going to work. It started off very successfully, and now we’ve hit a standstill…..to be continued.

update: we tried for another month and no such luck so I gave up! I feel that two months is a good attempt and that if it was going to be successful they would of maybe not been 100% trained yet but I would see progress and we had zero. Maybe if we only had one cat it may of been more successful, but who knows.

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