Married Life

🎵Burning Down the House…..or yard

More of what’s been going on in the last month……..#myhusbandisanidiot

On Monday it was beautiful outside! So as one does when adulting, we did a Spring clean up in the yard. My husband collected all the brush that was cut down before winter and burned it, and I picked up dog poop and garbage that blew in from those windy winter days.

I was extremely jealous as he was enjoying a few Budweiser’s while doing his job and being knocked up prohibits me from doing the same. There is something so satisfying about having a beer while doing yard work, water is not comparable! 🙄

Once I was done my job I asked my husband to work on the deck as the brush was pretty much all burnt and he was going around with a stick and a cloth light on fire trying to burn our grass. I asked him why he was doing this and he said “to make our grass greener, it’s called a control burn.” I told him it was probably not his best idea and that he should be doing something more productive. Needless to say he kept going.I was done my job and decided to walk down to the end of the road so the dog could go for a swim, after all it was like 20 degrees out. Just as I got down there I heard Stephen holler…. “Shannon I think I need you”, so I came back up and the grass was on fire beside the fence, the moment I got closer the wind picked up and it jumped the fence to the neighbours yard…😧 he told me to grab water, so I ran into the house and grabbed the jug of water off the water cooler and the extra jug beside it. He then yelled at me to call the fire department and keep filling buckets. I called the fire department 5 times in half an hour. Ours is volunteer and you call and the answering machine tells you to leave a message with your emergency… hence why I called 5 times. It was incredibly frustrating because no one calls you back to let you know that they are on their way/even got your message.

No one lives in the house next door so the grass hasn’t been cut for at least 10 years and then there’s a small field behind it that backs onto the marine Center. The whole yard plus that field were on fire. The marine Center had their hoses going to keep it at a bay on their side and by this point my father in law and friend had come to help. We came super close to the neighbours house but by the time the fire department (which never called to let me know they got my message or turned on the sirens so I could hear them coming) pulled into our driveway we pretty much had it out.

At this point I was soaked, cold and fuming. I locked myself in our bedroom for a good 10 minutes before coming out. I knew if Stephen even opened his mouth I’d punch him in the face for his idiototicy!

I then got dressed and took my dog for her swim while the fire department finished drenching the grass to make sure it was for sure all out.

Moral of this story:

Listen to your wife!

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