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After almost two years of trying to conceive it finally happened.

I’ve used the app called Flo to track my cycles for about a year now, according to the app which is typically pretty accurate for my cycle, I was supposed to start my period on March 17th. I was dreading it for multiple reasons:

  1. No-one wants their period to come when trying to conceive, or really at any time.
  2. It’s St. Paddy’s Day!!!
  3. And the big one, I was Day Bartender on a Saturday St. Paddy’s, therefore the bar was going to be slammed, which I love because bring on the tips but to start my period during that time would be disastrous!

I got off work around 6 pm and the festivities were still going strong, at this time I still had no period. I partook in the festivities and multiple Guinness later was just as drunk as the rest, loudly signing some Celtic tunes…. pending rag forgotten.

Sunday I was a little tired but over all in good spirits and still no period. It was easy going, I just relaxed and had coffee with friends. Today I had all the symptoms for an upcoming period: sore breasts, cramping and constipation but still no sign of the dreaded Aunt Flo.

Monday morning my husband called after he got done his night shift and I was just waking up, once I let him go I got out of bed and went to go to the bathroom and thought mmmm…. and grabbed a pregnancy test out of my cosmetic travel bag and tried it out. While I waited the 5 minutes I made my self coffee and thought no more of it, I mean after a year of hoping for positives every time it was a day late, I had no hopes of it being positive. 15 minutes later I remembered and walked back in the bathroom drinking my coffee and almost dropped it….. there before me my First Results Digital Pregnancy test sat on the counter with the words clear as day on it YES. I couldn’t believe it, I was vibrating. It was really happening. Before I called my husband I started googling the chance of a false positive. After I called one of my friends who has two children and had went through fertility treatments for the first one for a few years before being successful and asked her the chances of a false positive.  Both said the same thing, unlikely…. I called my husband, at this point I had woken him up. I told him ” I think we’re pregnant, the test said yes” He had the same question as me” what’s the likely hood of a false positive”, and I told him “unlikely.” I’m staying at my best friends house while I’m in Yellowknife and she was at the vets with her cat so after I got off the phone with my husband, I texted her a picture of the test and couldn’t wait for her to get back home.  we celebrated with coffee before she went to work for the day. I was so excited I was ecstatic the rest of the day. The next day I took another pregnancy test this one a clear blue digital with weeks indicator. It said yes and 2-3 weeks which in the due date predictor puts me at 4-5 weeks pregnant.  On Wednesday March 21st I got it confirmed by the doctor.

So guys it’s official I’m pregnant. As of today I’m 6 weeks, I know it’s still early and I’m still in the danger zone for miscarriages.  I do know that if I do miscarry it’s because the baby isn’t healthy which is not what any parent wants and I’ll deal with that when/if it happens and in the end I’ll be okay and we will try again if need be.

The other thing I’m certain of right now is that…… my breasts are soooo fucking sore!

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