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Long John Jamboree

Hey Guys, as I mentioned I’m in Yellowknife right now and last weekend I attended the Long John Jamboree Festival.

LJJ is a winter festival on the ice that’s about embracing your long johns because in Canada’s Great White North it is very cold, last week ESPECIALLY at -37 Celsius most of the weekend. So what better way to deal with the cold than to say fuck it, get dressed up and go to a winter carnival! They had everything from snow volleyball, to children’s curling, to dog fashion shows and so much more, right out side on Great Slave Lake.

  • There was a Snow Stage where all the out door shows happen.
  • The Kids Carnival Tent holds a teddy bear hospital, face painting, carnival games and lots of other fun.
  • The Merch Tent sells amazing products from lots of local vendors you can buy anything from carvings, winter gear, paintings, bathbombs and etc.
  • The Food Tent has a mix of local restaurants, vendors from the summer farmer market and a few of the food trucks show up too.
  • Great Slave Helicopter Tent runs half an hour helicopter rides over the city for the whole festival.
  • Than there is where I always spend a majority of my time, the Brrrr Garden Tent aka beer

The Brrr Gardens which are filled with live bands all day and night is the second biggest draw for the festival. The biggest is the Ice Carving Competition. DeBeers Diamonds sponsor the Ice Carving Competition every year and they have ice carvers come from across the world to compete in this festival. Every year the carvings are so impressive.

This years carvings:

I hope you enjoyed seeing/learning a little bit about LJJ! Once I get home I’ll add some of my drone pics to this post as well!

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