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Work cation

Happy almost Easter! Sorry I’ve been so recluse lately, I am on a workcation so have been extremely busy.

Where does one go for a workcation you ask? To Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, of course!

Today it is a balmy -34 with the Windchill. In other words…. frigging freezing. I was here for a month total but at this point only have just over a week left. I came here for my workcation because I used to live here for 9 years. My husband and I met in Yellowknife, we only moved to Newfoundland in July 2016. This is my third time flying up to visit since we moved. I’m very lucky because I can show up and get work at two of the busiest bars in town waitressing and/or bartending, this way I visit my friends and make money at the same time One of these bars, I had worked at for the 9 years I lived here, therefore the regulars are part of my family and I’m theirs. I typically work lunch/day shift at one bar and then the night shift at another and only booked off days that I wanted to do things on. Ie. St. Paddy’s night, Long John Jamboree (winter festival) and dinner nights with friends like tonight.

I’m going to post about the Long John Jamboree in the next couple days as I know some of my followers/friends/fellow bloggers like comparing Canada to where they live and will find this festival super fun! I also have lots of new exciting things to share as well so I can’t wait to get home to have time to write again and share everything with you. I’ll be back to posting regularly again after the 9th of April so stay tuned.

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