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Dog on the Roam

Aella aka Lala (my golden retriever) loved when we moved to Newfoundland, we went from having 0.5 of an acre to 3 acres of property and at first, she barely left the yard. Over time though she started to visit the neighbors. She would do her rounds every day a couple times a day, she looked both ways before crossing the street, and everyone loved her visits. They loved her visits so much that all the neighbors started saving their scraps to give her as a treat. Within three months she had gained 1/3 of her body weight. She also developed a couple bad habits, like sitting on peoples step barking at their front door for treats…..not a huge deal but not very neighborly at 6 a.m. I told my husband we need to build a fence because I couldn’t have everyone feeding her (I did ask people not to feed her but some still did or they just throw their scraps out in the woods for the animals and she would find it), and we couldn’t have her barking at peoples houses at 6 a.m. He said no fence, and got a long rope and tied it to the step. This worked okay for a few months until we built our new deck. The new deck was a lot bigger and it’s high off the ground, therefore, it has a ton of supporting beams. Lala is really smart for some things, and not for others, getting stuck/tangled up is one of these others. Every time I’d let her out within a few minutes she would be barking and wrapped around the same post three times, or sometimes multiple posts at once, I’d untangle her and within 5 minutes she’d be stuck again. After a few weeks of this, I gave up. I started only letting her out when I’d be outside with her to make sure she didn’t leave the yard. Then the most embarrassing thing happened……..One day Lala and I were outside in the front yard when next door (it’s a B&B) an older gentleman came out for a smoke. Lala saw him and went running over, excited to meet a new friend, but like any retriever she needs to greet you with something…..she ran right past him, and in through the open door of the house. I went running over and started yelling at her to come which she did after a moment, her mouth full with her greeting gift. She then proceeded to sit down, tail wagging in front of the gentleman. What was in her mouth you ask? His underwear…….. she had gone in the house and picked up his clean or dirty not really sure underwear and sat there excited to meet her new friend, I was instantly mortified! Luckily he was in good spirits, laughed and said “this is the best greeting I’ve got since I got to Canada”, he was from Australia. I chuckled and apologized and after a few pats, Lala and I returned home. My husband was away at work, so when he phoned that evening the first words out of my mouth were “we need a fence!” He asked what did she do now, I told him and even though he laughed he agreed it’s not cool, and understood why I was super embarrassed. To build a fence for 3 acres would have cost a lot of money, we talked about doing a dog run, in the end, we decided to go with the Pet Safe Wireless Boundary Fence. It was amazing she got shocked once on level 3 (it goes from 1-7, 1 being just a vibrate) and she never left the yard again. She quickly knew her 1/2 an acre boundary by the beeps and was back to her normal weight again. This solution fixed all my concerns, she no longer eats random food, barks on peoples doorstep at ungodly hours of the morning, gets stuck on a post every 5 minutes and doesn’t carry random strangers underwear around anymore. Success!

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