Fluff Pieces

At Da Cabin

I haven’t posted for a few days because we were at the cabin! We had a great time but in hindsight wish we only brought one skidoo and a quad instead of two sleds.

Thursday when we got there it was beautiful. There was a fresh coating of snow and the sun was shinning. After offloading our groceries and plugging in the slow cooker for supper, we got the sleds down and went for two hour ride.

Just as we were enjoying a beer on the sleds before returning to the cabin the rain started. It was just a drizzle so thankfully we made it back without being soaked. It continued to rain all night. We stayed in the cabin enjoyed our roast beef dinner drank some brews and played darts.

When we woke up Friday morning the snow had pretty well depleted over night. Everything was slush, therefore no more rides on the sled, boohoo 😔. The sun was back out so even though we were disappointed we weren’t going to stay inside. We took the side-by-side for a rip to the closest town, 20 mins or so on the bike, it was really bumpy on the old track and the dog was flying everywhere so I had to hold on to her. She was happiest with the ride when we stopped.

She got a nice work out on the way back, running over half the way back to the cabin, following behind the bike. She much more preferred this over sitting on my lap. Aella conked out right away once we got back to the cabin as she was bet out from her run.

For super we cooked moose sausages and baby potatoes on the wood stove. Then I enjoyed a quiet night curled up by the fire with my book.

We came home Saturday afternoon as we had dinner plans with friends. We drank a little too much wine last night so today was a lazy day, but all in all had a fantastic weekend.

How was your weekend?

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