Daily Prompt: Fabric

via Daily Prompt: Fabric

The dress was form-fitting, it covered her breast but you could tell she had no bra on it showed how her breast were plump, curved in all the right places, and that her nipples were hard and erect. He rubbed his thumb over her nipple and rolled it between his thumb and index finger applying just the right amount of pressure while kissing her neck, she moaned pressing herself against his crotch. He was already firm and she felt so moist between her thighs, she’s been waiting all night to get to this point. She wanted to feel his hard dick inside her. She kissed him hungrily letting him know that she wanted him, that she needed him. He looked at her with fire burning in his eyes, his cock upright and ridged with anticipation. He turned her around and unzipped the dress, wondering while admiring her tight ass, if she had panties on.  He pushed the straps off her shoulders, and watched it slowly slide down her body and fall to the floor. The fabric pooled around her feet, she stood there naked, flushed and beautiful.

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