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Drunk Sex

“… If God invented anything better than drunk sex with a hot girl, he kept it to himself.”
― Tucker Max, Assholes Finish First

In my experience, there are two types of drunk sex. Single Drunk Sex and Married/Long-term Relationship Drunk Sex. I mean if you want to break it down further you can, but since I’m not really a technical person let’s start with this.
Tucker Max said it best, but that doesn’t just apply to hot girls, because us drunk hot girls like to hook up with hot people just as much. When you’re drinking you are more outgoing, social, comfortable, you feel sexier!  You have a few drinks with your friends at a bar or party, see this totally hot guy/girl that maybe you just met or have been crushing on for awhile and the conversation gets flowing, you go back to your place or theirs and WHAMO…, messy, steamy, drunk sex! It was fantastic…. until the morning….
Not all the time do you have regret in the morning, but it does happen. This is a sometimes a perpetual con of drunk single sex. The regret could come from multiple things… the coyote ugly effect, realizing it’s someone you don’t want to hook up for different reasons or just the simple fact that the alcohol stripped you of all inhibitions in general. But it was fun, yes?

Side note: WHAMO is obviously not a real word, sometimes I like to make up my own words, especially since wham is to strike something forcefully so I feel like an O fits perfect with that definition when talking about sex.
Drunk sex when married can be still messy, steamy and hot as hell. However,  with drunk married sex, you need to be at the same level. If he’s drunk and I’m not it’s renamed to “boring, sloppy sex.” If I’m drunk and he’s not it’s called “am I ever going to get her off so I can go the fuck to bed sex”. Once in a blue moon there is also the “I’m too drunk sex”, that’s when we get home and start getting hot and heavy and I fall asleep. That’s my husband least favourite drunk sex….lol.

WHEN YOU ARE ON THE SAME LEVEL or close to, it’s even better than when you were single. You know each other’s bodies, likes, dislikes, you might be willing to experiment a little more ie. positions, toys, anal, BDSM, adding other people, essentially whatever you and you’re partner are on the same comfort level with trying. When you’re not drunk, sex is naturally always a pleasurable time, but in a marriage where you and your partner are extremely sexually active already, drunk sex is just a lot of fucking fun! The best part…..the next morning you have no regrets because you’re married!

Disclaimer: that part only holds true if your drunk married sex was with your spouse…..


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