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Date Night in a Small Town

It’s hard to have a nice date where we live. Our town only has about 300 people in it, most of them are over 40, we have a bar, post office, gas station and two marine Centers that’s it. A lot of times we will plan a date night, go to town (over an hour drive away), get a cheap hotel close to Downtown and have a fun night of dinner, drinks and live music. Obviously, we can’t afford that all the time so sometimes we do date night in our small town. The bar in our Community also has a restaurant and even though the food is good it’s essentially a snack bar, they serve things like fish n chips, wings n chips, burgers etc, all deep-fried. Once in a blue moon, we’ll go eat there but normally I just make us a nice dinner at home.

There was a Dart Tournament at the bar last night. We decided prior, we may as well go in for something to do. It was a random draw, partner double elimination, and we ended up being partners. Perfect, we can call it a date because we got to spend the whole time together! we both were shooting really well and won our first match. The rest of the games didn’t go as well. We still shot pretty well but the other two teams that we played had just a bit better scores. So we got knocked out! Oh well. We hung out for another hour and played pool, drank a few more beers and we’re home by midnight. We had a good time while we were out and even though there wasn’t a lot of people on the go, it’s nice just to get out of the house sometimes. Even though we had left the bar, our night didn’t end there, we still had lots of fun once we got home. 😊68B2D0F8-684B-448B-A4DA-9D80791D22FE

7 thoughts on “Date Night in a Small Town”

    1. Ha ha it’s in the East Coast of Canada. The majority of the East Coast is small towns if you drive down the main road every 5 mins you hit a new town. Than they have a couple big Cities but the majority of communities are small.

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  1. You asked for feedback…

    Typo alert:
    “Last night There was a Dart Tournament at the bar last night.”
    should be
    “There was a Dart Tournament at the bar last night.”

    I don’t know if you re-read your post for errors before hitting ‘Publish’ and just missed it (entirely possible, I do that all the time!) but if not, it’s well worth double- and triple- checking everything before you hit that button.

    Suggest you go back in and fix it… and then delete my comment πŸ˜‰

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