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The Seal Hunt

Let’s talk about a controversial topic The Seal Hunt!

The internet tells you that Seal Hunting is cruel, it depicts pictures of cute baby seals being clubbed. This once upon a time was real but hasn’t been in eons. It is illegal to club seals, it is illegal to kill baby seals and it is illegal to kill pregnant seals.

I live in Newfoundland and love to go for a drive and see the rocks covered with seals. I love when the whales chase the capelin into the harbor and as they are giving us dazzling shows with their tails, the seals wait close by to eat up any disregards. In general, I love seals but I also support the seal hunt.

I lived in the Northwest Territories for 10 years. Prior to living here, you would never catch me dead with any fur products on. Within a short period of time, I quickly realized wearing seal is part of the Aboriginal and Inuit way of life. When they kill a seal everything is used. The fur, the meat, even the fat (blubber) and flipper. I slowly gained an appreciation for seal skin products. I eventually bought my first pair of mitts from a local artist.
What I quickly discovered about my seal skin mitts:

  • They are warm, much needed in the winter at the temperatures are normally at a constant of -30 to -40 Celsius.
  • They are waterproof, the North is very dry but if you are ice fishing, or doing something where your mitts might normally get soaked, you have no worries here your hands will continuingly remain dry and warm as the water just beads off the fur.
  • They are recycled, as I said when a seal is killed all of it is used, if for some reason those mitts were to wear out the part of them that is still good may be reused for another purpose.
  • They are comfy, one of the least important reasons but when you live where you need to wear mitts all the time for 6 months of the year, it’s important.

That’s my experience with fur and living in the cold Arctic of Canada. In Newfoundland, the Sealing Industry is very important as well. Some of the reasons listed above still apply here. But another major reason for Newfoundland that the seal hunt is so necessary is the diminishing fisheries. The internet will tell you seals are going extinct due to seal hunt and maybe in some locations they are but on the East Coast of Canada that is not the case. Due to the fact that seals are another one of Mother Natures Natural Garbage cans they eat everything. The Cod fishery is down, the Crab fishery is down, a lot of people not from here will tell you that’s just from overfishing, but I met a Commercial seal hunter this fall, who confirms what my husband tells me all the time, that the seals are depleting the cod and crab. One Seal they caught was filled with over 50 female crabs. A female crab can have up to 100,000 eggs. So if all of her eggs had been fertilized and hatched that’s 5,000,000 baby crabs that never happened. So, this hunter caught and killed 8 seals that day, but how many crabs did that seal kill? The seals that are killed are than sold to be harvested for their meat and fur.

To Conclude my argument for the Seal hunt, seal hunting provides: Warm clothing, food,  and an income in a number of different ways, the hunter, the artist who makes the clothing and shoes and  the merchant through trading or selling meat and blubber. A lot of the negativities against the Seal Hunt are propaganda, hype and lack of knowledge. In reality its no different than hunting wild game for food, live stock farming, and the food fisheries.
If you’re a Vegan it could be because you are against all those things already and that’s completely fair, hence why you made the amazing choice that you did. But for all others, I don’t understand how you can be against Seal Hunting but you’re not against the rest.

It is my choice to support the Seal Hunt, it is your choose to support or not support it.

I’d love to hear your opinion, on which one you choose, support or not, and why?

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