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Doritos Get In My Belly!

Remember two days ago when I said my legs hurt from working out, yeah well they still friggin hurt. It’s not even 10am and I’m laying on the couch eating a big bag of spicy Doritos (I told you before I’m a junk food junkie) thinking I should of eaten them all last night. If I had of eaten them all last night, I wouldn’t be stuck here unmotivated due to laziness, stupid Aunt Flo, sore muscles and..,. You got it, chips! I can’t help my self they are sitting there, I must eat them. I also must clean my house and convince myself to work out so I can be hot or something along those lines. Ugh I wish I was still 20, back when these bags of chips didn’t affect my waist line. I just wrote a post about positive thinking which is true, I’m feeling very positive, and I’m pretty positive I’m going to eat the rest of this bag of chips!

2 thoughts on “Doritos Get In My Belly!”

  1. I wish I were 20 also! I mourn for the days I could whatever and not gain weight. I write about in my post called “I’m Trying To Be Great.” But I also feel like ladies she get a free pass when Aunt Flow is in town. Cause, sheesh she can really make things “inconvenient” if you will.

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