Quitting Smoking

Two weeks!

I am a non smoker!

It’s been two weeks since my 1 day slip 3 weeks since my quit date. It’s getting a bit easier every day. There are still times that I really crave a cigarette, but am thankfully able to distract myself and resist.

Sometimes a craving will hit me completely out of the blue and the need will feel so intense . Like yesterday, I was washing a glass looking out the window, and the craving hit me like a ton of bricks, I could taste it the smoke, imagine the pleasurable feeling as the nicotine made its way to my brain and gave me that relaxation I was looking for. Thankfully the craving only lasted for a few minutes but the second it hit me I put down the glass and went and picked up my phone and read a couple of the posts on my reader. I need to constantly remind myself to delay and distract. If I give into the craving I’m only feeding the addiction, cigarettes aren’t relaxing, they aren’t pleasurable, the addiction just has me trained to think they are.

Quitting smoking was one of my main motivators that got me to stop talking about wanting to try blogging to just going and doing it. I’m sure some of my post are terrible. I know a few are good, but as long as at the end of the day I can make someone smile, relate, or laugh Im happy and it’s helping me fight this addiction at the same time!

So in advance thank you for reading, you are helping support and motivate me from where ever you are by doing so. If you are also trying to quit smoking, try a hobby you’ve always wanted to but never got around to try! Also if you are trying to quit read my other post on here about the struggles of quitting!😃

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