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The Rising Rate of Autisum

There are so many studies on Autism and numerous debates on why more and more people/children are being diagnosed with Autism. Is it vaccination-related, is its proximity to airports, genetics, birth defects etc? The answer is no one knows.

I work with children with Autism and have an older brother with Autism. About 6 years ago I was in California and I met a woman from Wyoming and she had a unique theory that “Autism is caused by evolving too quickly.” So I thought about it, totally plausible, I thought about it more, what would it mean to evolve too quickly? Possibly that Autism is caused by information overload??

We know that knowledge and information are passed down through genetics. Without even needing to research that statement, think about your toddlers, nieces, nephews etc…. who taught them to use an iPad? Most toddlers know more about using an iPad than I do and the majority of parents will tell you they didn’t teach them. With the internet, we have everything at fingertips, if we don’t know the answer we google it. We are learning information at a much more alarming rate than we have ever had before.

A number of studies show that children with autism have a higher connectivity rate than regular brains but not in all cases. I found research that suggests that connectivity is linked to the severity of symptoms. The children who show over connectivity in their brains are also more socially impaired, according to two standard measures of autism severity.

How does that all relate to this theory? The break down of the theory is this: due to us learning information at such an increasing rate and passing knowledge and information through genetics via reproduction, some children’s cellular data possess more information than others, and they’re brains are evolving at a faster rate, hence the increased level of connectivity. Therefore other parts of their brain are not connected through the synapses or are not functioning at their optimal efficiency to counter balance.

It’s only a theory I heard once, that when broken down and overanalyzed it sounds possible. But I’m not a doctor, just someone who is intrigued by a new idea.

What do you think?

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