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Married at 30

The story I tried to post last night, probably not as good because it isn’t fresh on my mind.

Last night I read a post about a girl feeling discontent, as she thought at this point in her life she would be married and starting a family. She’s almost 25 which in this day and age is still so young. Most women nowadays are very focused on their establishing their careers, traveling, and accomplishing their life ambitions and goals prior to settling down. However, I personally, totally knew what she was feeling.

I too always thought my family would be started by the time I was 25. Married at 24-25 and then sometimes within a few years after that having children. When my 25 birthday came I was very disappointed that I hadn’t met the one. I was ready to start the next chapter in my life, but even though I dated…a lot, that Mr. Right hadn’t come along yet. I just kept meeting Mr. Right Now.

By the time my 26th birthday rolled around I had accepted this. My girlfriends and I had an amazing friendship, we were each other’s rocks and always joked why do we need men when we have each other. I had two great jobs I loved, I was financially successful, and could travel and buy what I wanted when I wanted. I was the epitome of an independent woman. Sure at times, I felt like something was missing, in the background of my mind, I was still waiting for “my real life” to start. I was dating a guy for over a year and we quickly realized that though we loved each other we weren’t in love with each other, so we ended it but stayed friends. Around this time, I got my Golden Retriever. I didn’t need a man, I had mans best friend and my best girlfriend and I joked that she was my real boyfriend anyways. She was gone away to University and was only back during the summer. When she was home we were inseparable, so even if I was dating a guy he would either never get to see me or we were a package deal and he had to hang out with both of us. So the joke was that any guy I dated was really just a replacement till she returned.

My dog and I were always on the go, hiking, swimming, canoeing whatever was outdoors. I still dated guys who came and went nothing really substantial and hung out with my girls. I was loving life, this is when he came into my life, I was 27. We had known each other for awhile because of casual encounters but one night we ran into each other and everything changed. We were engaged a year later, and married two years after that, by this time I was 30. Now I’m 32 and as my other post indicate we are trying to have children.

So the next chapter in my life has started. But do you notice here I said next chapter, vs before all this happen it was “waiting for my life to start.” There is so much pressure put on us by society to get married, have children etc that sometimes it feels or is perceived that our life hasn’t started until this. In reality, though our life starts when we make it, when we embrace who we are and enjoy it to the fullest. Everything else is just another chapter, exciting chapters, but still just a chapter. Most of our chapters will be different, some people may not choose to get married, some may not choose to have children, some may choose a totally different path altogether. But that’s okay because it’s their journey, their life, and their chapters. All that really matters is that they embrace their own life, their journey and welcome each chapter when it happens!

6 thoughts on “Married at 30”

  1. Love this! so true! I am getting older and have lived many chapters but my book is nowhere near finished and this particular chapter I have chosen to write is proving amazing! New lease of life! The rest is just unwritten….x

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