Married Life

The Perfect Wife

So I mentioned in a couple posts that my husband is away for work. He’s gone for 16 days and then home for 12. In this day and age it seems more and more of us are in marriages were our husbands are on a rotation or gone for long periods of time due to work. Here it is 2018 and it’s still the woman’s job to raise the family, keep the house clean and do the majority of the cooking.  Women’s roles have progressed over the years, but really by how much? Most of these rotational jobs pays really well, with the expensive economy we live in, do we really have much of a choice?I keep the house pretty tidy, but the couple of days leading up to my husband coming home is a cleaning frenzy. I want to make sure everything is cleaned from top to bottom, the bed linens are fresh and that  the fridge and freezer is well stocked.  That’s just for the house, now for me, I normally get my eye brows waxed, legs and whatever else shaved, possible hair dye and just in general trying to make myself as beautiful and feminine as I can be. The day I pick him up from the airport, my makeup and hair is done, I’m dressed nicely, and everything is ready for him to come home. I did say we’ve progressed right? It’s official I time wharped back to the 50’s.

The fact of the matter is I enjoy him coming home to a clean house. It’s important to me that I look and feel my best when he sees me for the first time after 16 days away. We are trying to have children, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m sure once we do…things will change. I imagine, I’ll be picking him up with my sweats on and my hair in a pony tail, that is if I pick him up at all. I picture him walking into the house and tripping over toys I never got around to picking up and sleeping in bedding I probably didn’t have time to wash.  So until then, I’ll keep up my charade of the perfect little wife.

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