Fluff Pieces, Fur Babies

The Unlikely Pair

The saying when you have a spat or argument is ” fighting like cats and dogs”. It’s always an understanding that cats and dogs simply do not get along. I mean sure there is the odd exception to the rule but in most cases, if they live in the same house they just tolerate each other. That was the case for my cat and dog, until……

The beginning of January, my husband and I adopted an 8-month-old Kitten from the SPCA, we named him Phantom. The first thing we did once we were home, was open his carrying cage and left him alone to explore and to have the other two animals in the house explore him. He hissed and hid right away after meeting the dog. That’s normal, they’d be friends or at least tolerate each other soon enough. That night at dinner, the dog was in the vicinity of the supper table, tail wagging like it always does. The kitten kept watching this with amazement, until…… pounce he jumped on her tail. The Dog wasn’t even bothered, she is a golden after all not much phases them.
After a couple days the animals were all coexisting. Now it was time to really let the cats bond as my husband and I were taking off to the cabin for the weekend, the dog was coming of course. When we returned the kitten rushed over, smelling Aella all over, trying to figure out what adventures she had been on. Shortly, Aella laid down than Phantom started giving her a bath.

It was from that moment on the unlikely pair was united. The kitten couldn’t get enough of the dog. He was under her belly when she walked, laying with her when she slept, licking the drool off her chops when she was bumming food. Where ever that dog was the kitten was too. Jade my main coon was extremely jealous at first, not of the kitten but of the kittens relationship with the dog. She’s a playful cat and the kitten wanted nothing to do with her. Every time the Aella would walk by Jade, Jade would swat at her. They had lived together for a while so this was new, but it went on like that for a month. Now two months later they are all living peacefully. However, the playful duo is still the kitten and the dog while the other cat sits observing from the sidelines. Poor Jade!

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