Be Your Best Self

One of my last blogs my friend read it and asked me “if I feel squishy what does that make her.” I responded with “be the best you”. She’s a beautiful girl who is self-conscious like the rest of us. I have friends who have a bigger pant size than me and a smaller pant size than me, 95% of them are insecure about their bodies. At the end of the day, all we can do is be our best selves.We all have ideas on what the perfect body is, we all have our goal weight. These things are going to be different for everyone. My saying be your best self just means simply that if you’re not comfortable with your body work towards making your self-comfortable. There are lots of ways to do this. Buy clothes that you feel attractive in, exercise and eat healthy, change your mind set on what “your” ideal body is. Just because it’s on the cover of a magazine doesn’t mean you need to look like that. At the end of the day, we all look at our faults and over analyze them. If you’re not happy try to fix it if you can. Step back say what do I really want? do I actually care that my legs have a bit of cellulite, do I care that my ass is a little more jiggly, do I care that the scale is up 10 lbs? Once you work out what you want then try to achieve it. Set realistic goals so you can be proud of yourself when you get there. We are already struggling so much with our self-image we don’t need to struggle with failure as well.
My best self is to be more toned like I used to be. I have extra squish I don’t care about getting rid of it all, I don’t care about what my scale says. Just would like to be back where I was a couple years ago. Am I working towards it, I’m trying I really am, and as long as I keep trying I will get there. And so will you!

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