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Car Sex

So remember when we were young. You’d find a nice quiet spot to park with your boyfriend/girlfriend, it might start as just a makeout location but once you were ready or maybe you already had you inevitably crawl into the back seat and have sex. it was so easy to get back there. And yes some cars were a little cramped but you were more flexible back then, possibly smaller in size, and just in general in love and at that age it was one of the few options you had for locations. In the end, it was so easy!

Forward to Present day:

My Husband and I have been married for over a year. And he flies out for work once a month on Monday Morning at 5 am. We live over an hour away from the airport. So most times we drive to town the night before do our errands and stay at his mother’s. Even though we are married I don’t feel comfortable having sex at his mother’s house. I’m sure a few of you are like that. Last week we were all sitting in his mothers living room watching tv when out of the blue it hit me. I felt instantly horny….. the first thought in my head was oh no, please pass, please pass. Then I thought we can go for a drive we are still young and limber. So I texted my husband who was on the couch beside me.
” I’m horny” he looked up at me and smirked. “Do you want to go get a beer at the pub?” I asked him casually. he quickly responded with ‘sure”. We both rushed out of the house. Once in the truck, he drove to the empty docks down the end of a dirt road. We started making out in the front seat, I giggled inside its been years since I’ve done this. As things started heating up we went to move to the back and realized it was filled with…….GROCERIES!

Ugh, okay so we looked around the front, our truck doesn’t have a middle seat just a middle console. Next plan, recline the passenger’s seat. the cooler filled with meat is behind the passenger’s seat it won’t recline. The mood is quickly dying, fuck fuck, fuck. SO he jumped out shirtless, pants undone in the pouring rain grabbed the cooler threw it in the back end. I started grabbing the rest of the groceries and putting them in the front seat. He jumped in the back seat shirtless and drenched, rain was rolling down his muscular arms and the mood quickly heightened again. I started to try to climb in the back seat. Again this was much more difficult then I remembered. We got all our clothes off and tried three different positions before we were both semi-comfortable. And finally, release.

The point of this story is adulting is hard! When we were young it was so easy to sneak out and jump in a car and hop in the back seat. You were more limber, you were more flexible, you were more creative, and you didn’t have to worry about freaking groceries being in the way, but at the end of the day, you got this!

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